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How do Blitz® works?

We help insurance companies automate their commission calculation processes.
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Who can implement Blitz®?
  • Companies with more than 100 employees who receive commission payments
  • Companies with sophisticated systems and technological integrations
  • Companies with complex commission calculation processes

Start saving time and money while reducing errors

Effective compensation plans are complex to manage, but Blitz® can help you automate all your calculation processes and payments while driving innovation, adaptability, and top-line performance.

of time saved by our clients
elimination of errors in commission calculation
of commissions calculated
19 years
of experience in technology

Frequently Asked Questions

Which departments in my company can use Blitz®?
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Operations
  • Compensations
  • Sales
Why is it not convenient to use spreadsheets to calculate commissions?

Excel spreadsheets no longer meet the needs of any sales company plan.

Today, commission plans must be flexible enough to meet the needs of ever-changing markets and trends. Additionally, employee compensation must stay current to incentivize and motivate behaviors to achieve business goals.

Which alternatives do companies have for tracking their commissions?

Blitz®! It is the most efficient option to calculate, automate, and provide the flexibility needed for tracking commissions. With the automation of commission plans, employees and managers can access real-time data, generate reports, and detect errors.

Why do companies use Blitz®?

Our platform is a leader in our segment, helping teams automate their commission payments while working efficiently and offering complete transparency.

We believe that a platform is an invaluable and necessary tool that helps improve the structure of a company's sales comp plans and reduces time spent calculating commissions, eliminating errors, and using spreadsheets.