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Automated commission management for insurance companies

Total commissions generated by agent
commissions calculated
saved time on commissions
elimination of errors in commission calculation
Save time and eliminate errors in your commission payments

Just as your insurance agents should focus on promoting and selling their products, they also need a platform that provides transparency and visibility about their commissions, payments, and performance.

Blitz® is the commission management platform that provides insurance companies with the automation and control they need to solve complex compensation schemes and handle multiple business segments. Automation allows them to leave behind the use of spreadsheets to track commissions and payments. Additionally, our technology integrates with legacy platforms, on-premise tech, and cloud solutions your company already uses.

With Blitz, save time and eliminate errors in your commission payments
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Intuitive and flexible platform that provides a simple and efficient sales comp management

Speed up assignment times and commission payments

Allows the integration with BI platforms to review data

Transparency in commission processes for insurance agents

Manage complex commission schemes without the help of an IT department

Deliver the results that matter to everyone in your insurance company

Direct Commission

Adjust and configure multiple schemes to calculate direct commissions based on coverage, products, fixed amount, premium percentages, or a combination.


Configure bonuses for different business segments, verticals, or specific sales campaigns.

Commission Plans Management

With Blitz®, manage different commission plans such as direct commissions, bonuses, and profit share commissions.

Release Commission Payments

Manage advance payments on premiums paid or premiums issued, generation of charges for cancellations or withholdings (taxes, advances, etc.), and commission payments against fiscal documents (invoices, fiscal notes, credit notes) while keeping track of generated policies.

Commission Based Indicators

Regardless of your company's size or agent base, Blitz® allows insurance companies to view and generate reports with real-time data, enabling managers, directors, and agents to make strategic decisions that drive better commission payment management.

Blitz automates commission calculation processes and payments in insurance companies

Blitz® connects seamlessly with any system or platform you currently rely on

Enter a world of complete real-time data! Blitz® connects easily with any platform or system, providing insurance companies with complete automation.

Policy Issuing Systems

Core Banking Systems

Legacy Systems

Agents Portals

Automate the commission calculation processes and payments in your insurance company

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